Monday, May 31, 2010

"...the blessedness of being little."
by Shakespeare
Annie is our miracle baby. She was born 7 1/2 weeks early and spent several weeks in the NICU. She was 4 pounds (chunky for a preemie) and had platinum blonde hair. When we left the NICU, the doctor told us that premature babies are either lions or lambs. Annie is definitely a lamb. She is quiet and shy. She is often scared to try new things, but then loves telling her daddy about how she "did it!" She is very sensitive and loves to cuddle. She brightens my days and nights. She loves to dress-up, paint nails, skip, pick flowers, giggle, shop, eat chocolate, and take walks. She smiles more than any child I know. Annie is happy with the simple things in life (which reminds me that I should be, too). We love to hear her laugh and sing. She is a daddy's girl. She loves sitting in Mack's lap and listening to him read to her. Annie is our sunshine.

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  1. lorri...
    this looks GREAT! seriously, you just jumped right in. proud of you! can't wait to learn more and more about those three!! they are all so dang cute. you and the dancing machine have some pretty genes. love you!


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