Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daddy's Day

Happy Father's Day!!!!

We had a wonderful Father's Day!  After a yummy french toast breakfast, the children and I went up to visit my dad for brunch.  Mack stayed behind and began playing with the new smoker we got him (he couldn't be more pleased!).  After a fun visit, we headed home to get ready for dinner that night.  I must say, the new smoker was a great idea. 

In many ways, I feel like a married a man just like my dad.  What a huge compliment to Mack!  My dad is the best man alive.  He loves unconditionally.  He turns all situations into something positive.  Dad is patient and...hilarious!  How did I get so lucky to have two men in my life that possess these qualities?  Well, Mack MIGHT need to work on the patient part, but still  :).  We can't all be perfect, can we?   



  1. I love how you posted all the photos... do tell??!

  2. Yeah...Good job. You are going to love the pictures now that they are easier to post multiple ones. I love the one of you guys with Annie in the background peeking through. So much fun today...we need to do it again...soon.


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