Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 3

Oh my. Look at these boys. They were so exhausted that they slept for about 11 hours. They didn't get up until almost 9 am. That goes for Lucy, too. Check out their hair.

Lucy has a love for all animals. She has enjoyed playing with Simon a lot more than he has enjoyed playing with her. He is old and cranky, but Lucy doesn't mind a bit. She has become VERY attached to our two hermit crabs. I dislike them and would love to let them go in their own environment in a couple of weeks. Hooper and Cooper, the crabs, have been traumatised by all these little hands and are the topic of several heated discussions between the girls and boys.

Speaking of too many heated discussions.....

No! I didn't do this to them! But I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the short time of silence. Sorry, but it was loud in my car! :)

We went over to a friend's house today to swim. Three of the teachers that I teach with were there with their children. The children had a blast. In the picture above, Ty is demonstrating his back flip. In the picture below, Cade is showing on his back flip with a twist. Max and Henry were very impressed!

Jennifer: Stop looking at this right now!

These boys were WILD. I tried to keep them under control, but they were like a pack of wolves. Don't get me wrong, they were polite and actually pretty quiet, but they had lots of ideas that were a little out there! The picture above is of Henry sliding head first into the pool. Pretty sure Jenn wouldn't like that very much.

Here are two of the little ones that joined us today.

Jackie, our host, fixed hot dogs, hamburgers, slaw, chips, watermelon, strawberries, and Symphony brownies. And of course, she made her awesome buffalo chicken dip. Yummy! After swimming and grilling, we were ready to get out of the heat. The heat index was 104 today. Our incredible host (and dear friend) ended the visit with chocolate ice cream cones. She is a perfect example of "southern hospitality." I am so lucky to have her in my life. I have learned so much from Jackie. She is an amazing mother, teacher, and friend.

We had a wonderful day! Well, until we got home and Charlie was sick, sick, sick. He is now running a fever of 102 and coughing (his asthma cough) every 5 seconds. Back to the doctor tomorrow!
"Rules and Regulations" Broken on Day 3:
1. Henry was a bit daring on the diving board.
2. Henry and Lucy were offered a Mountain Dew by a friend and they took it.....I didn't stop them. I am supposed to spoil them, right?
3. To my knowledge, they only drank one bottle of water today. They had a second glass of orange juice......that has some water in it! :)

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  1. GIRL, i AM LOVING THESE UPDATES! Hysterical and so sweet to have these memories together. You are being a great auntie and I'm sure Jenn cares most that they are loved...and that they are FOR SURE! Enjoy this fun and crazy week.


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