Monday, June 14, 2010

Henry and Lucy Visit (INVADE) Day 1

Jennifer, Henry, and Lucy came up yesterday (Sunday) around lunch. The kids were VERY excited to see each other. They are so funny to watch. Once they see each other, it is as if they have never been apart. Jennifer spent the first 10 minutes going over the "rules and regulations" for the week. Did I mention that she was actually spending the night and wasn't leaving until around 10 am the next morning? Better get in the first talk now so that she will have time to give it to me 5 more times before she leaves. Love you, Jenn! :) To give her credit, she is an amazing mother. She is consistent and patient. Very patient. Me? Not so much. As the week unfolds, I plan on listing all the rules that I have broken.
Just for fun!
Hot! 95 degrees to be exact. In June? I can only imagine what August will be like. Ughh.

Love that face!

Charlie will be a fish next summer.

Look at this girl! Do you see the sweetness in her eyes? What about the innocence? Well, maybe not the innocence, but she is very sweet!

BB and Pop came to spend some time with their grand kids. BB is always so loving! Pop is always funny and full of giggles, especially when he watches us discipline. I can remember asking him one time why "raising these children are so hard." He responded with "it isn't hard for me at all." Love him more than words can say. Seriously.
Pop is a mess. He has always been a joker and enjoys a few tricks now and then. In the picture below you will see Pop holding a can of Mountain Dew (or the equivalency of Dew). If you look closely, you will see him showing Henry how to cover up the word "caffeine" when he asks Jenn if he can have it. We all know that Jennifer is anti-caffeine for the children (except for "Friday Coke," which is another idea for a post). Pop did his best to help Henry sneak in a special treat. See the following picture to find out if it worked or not.

Nope. It didn't. Well, she finally gave in and let him have 1/2 a can of "fake Mountain Dew." Before you scroll down, please notice what is in Jenn's hand while she is explaining things to Henry. I'm just saying.

These two girls are so good together.

As the day progressed, the boys were trying to learn how to dive. When BB overheard them, she proceeded to inform them that she is the best diver around. After a few giggles from the boys, she proved her point by teaching them both how to dive. Seriously, it only took her about 10 minutes to get them both diving!

Max's New Dive

Henry's New Dive

We had really great bacon and cheddar burgers for dinner. Mack caught the grill on fire, but they were fantastic! Ha!
Love him.

My sweet boys.

This pictures makes me smile every time I see it. I wish you all could meet these children. I am excited to see what we can get into while they are here.

***Rules and Regulations***
1. Make sure they drink at least three glasses of water every day.
2. Give Henry his inhaler, etc. (This part I can understand and appreciate the need for her to repeat several times)
3. Don't let them drown.
4. Don't let them do anything I wouldn't do.
***Rules and Regulations Broken on Day 1***
1. The children were up until 10 pm.
2. Three cookies were consumed by each child about 5 minutes before bed.
Not a bad start for day one. Right, Jenn?

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