Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Henry and Lucy Visit (INVADE) Day 2

After a review of the "rules and regulations," Jenn left to head back home for her trip to Destin. When she left, Pop came over to watch the children while I took Charlie to the doctor. This HOT and HUMID weather is causing his asthma to give him fits. While I was gone, the children completely destroyed my house. Seriously. Pop was just smiling when I returned. Silly man.
Dinner was easy, not healthy. Sorry, Jenn. Hot dogs and Pringles. I didn't even throw in fruit. We were all exhausted!

Earlier in the day, I found Annie, Lucy, and Charlie having a snack in the living room. I can only imagine how fast Jennifer would have swooped in and redirected them to the table. I sat down and enjoyed the snack with them. There was only one little clump of dip on the carpet when we finished. Not to bad for those three.

Lucy is getting tired of me taking so many pictures. "Again," she said. I quickly explained to her that her cuteness was too much and I had to take tons of pictures so her mommy could see her while she was away. That seemed to work. My poor children are completely used to having a camera in their faces.

Look at those lips.

"Rules and Regulations" Broken on Day 2:
*Lucy MAY have worn her life jacket in the shallow end of the pool for a couple of minutes.
*I found an ENTIRE bag of Ruffles, empty, in the basement. I am thinking this may have happened while Pop was here?
*Henry watched a few minutes of Monday Night Raw (which I certainly despise).


  1. I could die...these kids are so cute. :)


    is that your pool in all these pictures? It looks like a resort.

    I laughed OUT LOUD at:

    the picture of your mother teaching the boys to dive...I have SO many memories of that sweet woman!


    I laughed OUT LOUD at Jennifer giving Henry the STINK EYE over Mtn Dew. :)))))))


    I couldn't agree more about your sweet daddy...LOVE THAT MAN.

  2. I love that you are writing so much and sharing so many pics. Makes me a little sad but happy.
    I'm glad they are having so much fun.
    But remember, dear sister, paybacks are hell!


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