Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Listen to Your Gut

This picture is a perfect one to give you an idea of my morning, even if it wasn't taken today.

This morning I decided to take Charlie and Annie to Target after dropping Max off at camp. From previous experiences, I knew that today was not a good day for this. But, we needed some things that couldn't wait. Annie is in the "bathroom" mode where she asks to go every 10 minutes (which I am convinced is just because she wants to see the bathroom in any establishment that we are in). Charlie woke up not feeling great. Nothing too bad, but he has a runny nose and was a bit fussy. Anyway, we drove to Target. When I got Charlie out of the car seat, he smelled a little ripe. I quickly changed his diaper and then we headed inside. I got one of those obnoxiously large buggies and strapped both kids in. We got about 10 minutes into our shopping trip when things turned pretty ugly. Charlie's sippy cup was empty and Annie was begging for a drink. I weighed my options and decided that it wouldn't kill me if I let them have a slushy (even if it was 9:30 am). Both, of course, chose blue. They were very happy for all of 5 minutes. At that point, C dropped his blue slushy and it exploded. Not only was it all over the floor, but it splattered up my legs and onto the feet of the lady standing near us. As I was apologizing to her, a team of Target members came rushing with their mops and paper towels. Thank heavens it was early and the store wasn't full. After they cleaned it up, and I apologized one million times, we continued on our way. Annie was nice enough to share her drink. We did pretty well (with the exception of me running into racks and displays due to the inability to steer the buggy). At this point we had been in the store for about 20 minutes and Charlie hit his limit. He began to cry and wanted to be held. There was no way I could steer the cart while holding my 30 pound two year old. Annie began to cry because Charlie was crying. Both were crying loud enough for my parents to hear 30 minutes away. I was buying snacks for the week and found myself opening a can of Pringles for them to eat.....at 9:45 am. Seriously? Slushies and chips that early? Yep. I did it. We made it almost all the way through the store when Annie said "mommy. We need to get some of that lipstick that doesn't come off when we kiss somebody." I responded with "Annie, are you planning on kissing someone?" she said, "you never know. We should be prepared." She is 4. There was a lady and her two teenage daughters on the isle beside us. They were all laughing hysterically. Surely that was the end, right? No. We checked out and headed to the car. Charlie started choking. He was choking on a BBQ Pringle. Within seconds, he was throwing up, BLUE slushy, all over me, himself, the buggy, and Annie. I guess I should be happy it didn't happen in my car. Next time, I will listen to my gut and skip the trip to Target.


  1. Wow.. That rivals my story for sure.. Actually I think it may be worse since you had an audience! How do you do it when you have all three??!!

  2. hey! you are doing GREAT with your blog... Love hearing about the kiddos and hearing about their little (or BIG!) personalities!! keep it up...so fun to keep up with your family this way. love you!


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