Sunday, June 6, 2010

LuLu and Henry

Two beautiful children. They look very different, but are very much alike! Henry and Lucy are my sister's children. They are coming to stay several days with me in the next week or so. I am looking forward to taking them to the movies, swimming, and to the park. I plan on spoiling them beyond belief. This will, most certainly, make my sister a tad bit unhappy. But, she will be miles and miles away. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. :) I just might let them have something unhealthy for breakfast. Like Doritos!


Lucy is our little blessing from China. She is such a spunky little girl. She extremely smart...and flexible. She smiles all the time. She has her feminine side (playing with dolls, painting fingernails, and drawing), but can also hang pretty tight with her brother. Lucy often wears his camouflage shorts and t-shirts with skulls on them. She plays with bugs and can out skate Max on a skateboard. LuLu is one tough girl! I wish I had a picture to post on here of Lucy in cargo shorts, skateboard t-shirt, and rain boots. I will work on this when they are here for a visit. It is a "must-see."



Henry looks exactly like his father (in my opinion), but is my sister on the inside. He is strong, but sensitive. He is very inquisitive and MUST understand the "why" behind everything. Trust me, that is my sister. Henry loves to read and could live outside. I have tried to picture him as a 30 year old man. I can't decide if he will be a fire fighter, teacher, or lawyer (rumor has it he can win an argument or two). No matter what he decides, Jenn will be proud. He will take care of her forever. The love he has for his mother is endless. She is one lucky mommy!
I am very excited about spending time with Henry and Lucy. Not only are they coming to visit next week, but Jenn and I are taking the kids to Charleston next month. Jenn has ALWAYS been better at this thing called parenting. She is consistent...something I really need to work on. My children love going to her house to visit. Maybe I will learn from her this summer. No pressure, Jenn.

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  1. this made me tear up....Jenn is a wonderful mother....I wonder if she has any clue how wonderful she is?

    This makes me miss her in my life even more.


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