Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sandy Toes

Sandy Toes, Fingers, Legs, Tummy, and Nose!

The Sweetest Man Alive!

During Spring Break we took a trip to Charleston for some sunshine and sand. The weather was beautiful, but the water was freezing!

Max loved fishing for shells, shark's teeth, and crabs.
The water wasn't too cold for him.

Annie was freezing! She enjoyed sandwiches and chips by the sea.

Charlie spent the majority of his time playing with this stick. He had sand from head to toe! He loved digging holes and filling them with water.

The trip was full of making memories and enjoying time with BB and Pop. We had coffee on the porch and enjoyed walks around the marina. We ate at Coast Bar and Grill in downtown Charleston. This is a new favorite of mine! We will be heading back a couple of times this summer and will definitely be eating there again.
The drive home was an adventure. Unfortunately one of the main roads was closed due to construction. We depended on Sophie, my GPS, to get us through the detour. She took us down some one lane, dirt roads that I would rather not visit again. We had decided to leave in the evening so that the children could sleep for the majority of the trip. We were rethinking that decision when we encountered roads that seemed to be taking us back in time. Blackberry Lane. Sounds cute, huh? Not so much.
Overall the trip was great. We look forward to heading back in a few weeks.

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