Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I have never been a fan of saying goodbye. Today was the last day of Henry and Lucy's Visit. I think the boys wanted to make the most of their last morning together, because I hardly saw them at all. They were either outside or playing Guitar Hero. Seriously, I saw them at breakfast and only one other time. The girls, however, were right under me all morning. But, there was a brief moment when I couldn't hear a sound. I found them in the bathroom. When I entered the room, they turned into monkeys.

Since we were stuck inside due to Charlie being sick, I decided that a long bath would make them happy. I was right.

I found them in PJ's with wet hair in Annie's bed. They needed to "get warm." It was only 94 degrees at the time.
Here are two pictures of the boys in the brief moments that I saw them today. They were seeing how many grapes they could fit into their mouths at one time. I am pretty sure that Henry won. He kept saying, "I have the biggest mouth! I have the biggest mouth!"

I love her giggles!!!

I love them so much. I am going miss them and their smiles. Come back soon!!!


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