Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where Does the Energy Come From?

Last month we celebrated Max's 7th birthday. We were going to have a party at a lazer tag place, but then we came up with the idea of having a camping party. I told him he could invite a couple of friends and they could camp out in the back yard with us. Somehow there was a miscommunication between Max and I. I told him he could have 5 friends spend the night. This would be a perfect number since we have an 8 man tent. Somehow, when it came to give out the 5 invitations, Max needed a few more. Apparently he was very excited about his party and invited several more boys. As a teacher, I have learned that little ones really get their feelings hurt if they know about a party and are not invited. Therefore, I started making more invitations. We gave out 14. What was I thinking? Well, I knew that several wouldn't spend the night. Several turned out to only be 3. I had 11 children spend the night, outside, that night.

Luckily we finished the basement a few years ago. The boys (and a few girls) could go inside and play the Wii, etc.

The picture above gives you and idea of how many children were running around this place.

This little guy was in my class this year. Love him to pieces!

The jumped on the trampoline for hours and hours. Once it was dark, we roasted marshmallows and made smores. For the party favors, we gave each child a flashlight. They played flashlight tag with walkie talkies. I was exhausted just watching them.

Where does the energy come from?

The next morning they played "car wash." By the way, they went to bed at midnight and were up by 6:30 am.

Over all it was a great party! Max loved every minute of it. Mack and I survived....barely.

Happy Birthday, Max! I hope you loved your party...because next year we will be having your party somewhere that requires us to show up with a cake and leave a couple of hours later.

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  1. hilarious. I love the parties where we show up with a cake and leave 2 hours later...but they love these kind of parties!!! He'll remember this party forever!


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