Friday, July 16, 2010


I am man enough to admit that I am NOT a fan of bugs.  I don't like bugs that fly, crawl, scurry, or wiggle.  I am a complete wimp when it comes to anything that even resembles a bug.  Having said that, you can imagine how disturbed I was when we saw this worm beside the pool.   

You may not be able to tell just how big and fat this worm is by the picture above.  I was not about to get close enough to it to get a better picture. 

As you can see, Lucy (my niece) was not afraid of this little (BIG) guy.  She even asked her mother if she could keep him.  She was disappointed that Jennifer said no. 

She must not have been too upset.  She was able to eat a graham cracker while holding him. 



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