Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Final Product

I am FINALLY done with the kitchen cabinets!!!  I love, love, love them!!!  It was a ton of work, but totally worth every minute. 

 It is amazing to me that black cabinets make the room feel bigger.  I know that sounds crazy, but they really do!

I still have to work on the placement of things on top of the cabinets.  I really hate that wasted space.  For now, I am leaving it the way it was.  Maybe Jaime will come and rearrange/fix the "stuff" up there...hint!

Taking down the light fixtures and spray painting them black made a huge difference, but the recessed lighting was the best move I could have made. 

I have to say, I am proud of myself.  I can't believe that I did it AND it looks good.  Sort of makes me feel like Super Woman. 



  1. WOW!! This looks fantastic!!! It looks like a whole new kitchen. GOOD JOB!

  2. You did a GREAT job...can't wait to come and visit and see them.

  3. they really turned out great...have you ever seen Emily's black cabinets from Chatting at the Sky?

    Love black cabinets!

  4. Love the black cabinets. Thanks for joining the party.

  5. What a fantastic makeover! The black looks great, Happy New Year!


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