Sunday, July 4, 2010

Food, Fireworks, and Fear

Happy 4th of July!

I love when the 4th falls on the weekend!
It seems as though we celebrate this special day for several days, instead of just one.  Our first celebration was a day full of swimming and great food.

We had so much fun watching the children (men included) play in the pool.  After dark, we headed down to the dock to shoot off some fireworks.  I believe I heard myself say, more than once, that this might not be a great idea.  Mack, Brack (Mack's brother...yes, their names rhyme), and Donnie are still children at heart.  Somehow these boys get themselves into trouble...a lot.  Here are a few pictures from the fireworks display.

Things started off pretty well.  We were all enjoying ourselves.  But of course, the boys became a bit daring.  Look closely at the following pictures.

Obviously "someone" had an "accident" when setting off one of the bigger firecrackers.  Not only did his hand get a tad bit burned, but you can also see the burns on the back of his shirt from when he ran (not fast enough!) away.  Look at Max's face in the top left picture.  It explains a lot.  In the top middle picture, the boys are laughing hysterically at their efforts.  Seriously, it was a bit scary.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the one that accidentally fell off the railing and began shooting off in our direction.  Unfortunatly, I was in the process of running/shielding Annie from the shrapnel!!!

Even with the little stunts these boys pulled with fire, it was a great time. 


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  1. love these photos, love that the boys are keeping the 4th tradition alive, & love that you are keeping up w/ your blog so well!!! It's so fun to hear what's happening in the turner household! the beach pics. were so pretty too...


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