Friday, July 2, 2010

Great Job, Mom.

My intentions were good.  I promise. 

On Sunday night, the night before we left for the beach, Max began running a fever of 102.4.  He complained of his ear hurting.  After spending a LONG time trying to find an Urgent Care center that was actually open on a Sunday night, I found one.  I am not sure why Urgent Care centers are closed on Sunday nights.  Isn't the entire purpose of an Urgent Care facility to be open when doctor's offices are closed?  Anyway, I found one that was open until 8 a few miles away.  It was 7:15.  I threw Max in the car and headed that way.  The entire time he is begging me not to keep him home from the beach.  He was worried he would be contagious and I would cancel the trip.  Luckily we made it there before it closed and the doctor was wonderful.  He diagnosed Max with an inner ear infection and swimmer's ear.  Since all the local pharmacies were closed, he mixed up a dose of the antibiotic and gave it to him.  We then had to drive 25 minutes to a 24 hour CVS to get the rest of his meds.  By the time we got home, this is what my sweet boy looked like.

I didn't cancel the trip.  The next morning I loaded us up and we headed to Charleston.  The poor guy got sick to his stomach on the way there.  I felt like a great mom.  Why did I do this to him? He ran a fever the first day there, but perked up a short time later.  At that point, I felt better about things. 
Then things turned...bad.  We went out to dinner the second night there.  I wanted to get a few pictures of us in the garden by the restaurant.  Annie would not cooperate.  She looked like she was in pain in every picture.  I thought she was just sick and tired of me putting a camera in her face.  I fussed at her for several minutes and told her she better "get it together and smile" or we would be taking pictures all night.  When we got inside the restaurant, she started crying.  I leaned down to talk to her and noticed that "look" in her eyes.  Great.  She was on fire.  I took her temperature and it was 103.  Great job, mom.  Nothing like fussing at your child and telling her to smile when she sick!  The picture below is the best one I got that night.

This madness must run in the family.  Here is what my sister had as her Facebook status yesterday.

"I always feel like a great mom when my child tells me she doesn't feel good and I don't believe her- until I slow down and look into those dark eyes and realize- yep, she has a fever."

Three children later and I still have a lot to learn.

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  1. I have done this so many times. Callie had 104.7 last week too, must be something going around. At least she looks good sick.


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