Friday, July 9, 2010

My Sister Doesn't Know Me At All

The children and I went to visit my sister and her family this week while Mack was traveling for work.  My sister is a planner.  A serious planner.  She planned a day at the river for all of us.  I love to look at rivers.  I love to listen to rivers.  I don't love to be in a river. 

We headed out to the Flint River.  Jennifer packed a perfect picnic that included fruit, chicken, crackers and cheese, summer sausage, chips, and brownies. 

Annie and I are very much alike.  At one point while we were eating, she asked why we couldn't eat inside where there were no flies.  Jennifer informed her that we were having a picnic.  In my defense, we have had picnics.  But, they were in locations where the flies were not as popular. 

Max, Henry, and Lucy were in HEAVEN!  They loved every minute of the river.  They climbed rocks, caught frogs, and floated down the river.  Annie warmed up to the river after a few minutes and really enjoyed herself.  Charlie took a little longer, but Barclay managed to get him in and he loved it. 

The river was beautiful.  The water was surprisingly clear and felt very refreshing.   

Overall, we had a great the river and visiting with family.


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