Monday, July 26, 2010

The Perfect Summer Snack

In my mind, the perfect summer snack is homemade peach ice cream....made with Georgia Belle Peaches.  Ice cream is perfect on a HOT day like today.  My children had a different idea.  I came in from outside and found them enjoying their idea of a snack.

Cucumbers and celery.  Notice the dirt on the celery.  A little dirt won't hurt, right?  Sure hope not!



  1. wow girl! You have trained those children well! cucumbers and celery?!?! :) love it!

  2. At least it was a healthy snack. I've come in the room with my son eating a banana through the peel.

  3. gosh i hope you know how lucky you are to have vegetable kids eat any and every fruit all day long...but vegetables...we force feed the boys!


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