Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's For Dinner?

I am one of those lucky moms that only has to fix one dinner.  Maybe I am just too tired to do more?  I have never really had to fight with my children about food.  They are not picky eaters, thank goodness...well, the jury is still out on a few things in regards to Charlie.  All of them love for me to peel a cucumber and let them eat the whole thing.  Little grape tomatoes are also a favorite.  Anyway, Tonight's dinner is my Mack's favorite (and Max's).  We grilled fillets that were perfect!  I fixed twice baked potatoes and a salad with fresh garden veggies.  My children all cleaned their plates. 

I have been told, by several friends, that food is a huge battle with their children.  I guess they get their love of food from me.  Growing up, I was just like my sweet papa.  He always had to end a meal with something salty. 

My papa would always save a bite of dressing or a roll on holidays to eat after dessert.  To this day, I will choose salty over sweet.  Max is the same way!  I guess some things are just in the genes.



  1. Not me.. I've gotta have sweet! :) Looks yummy!

  2. mmm, yummy! You are a blessed mom to have kids that will eat what you cook, it's a struggle over here! Thanks for the blog comment, it made me smile!

  3. lucky lucky girl... i may have to send my kiddos to your house when we move back. or better yet, myself since I tend to be a picky eater! loved catching up on the blog tonight. you guys have been busy! The fireworks/ boys was a classic. Boys will truly always be boys. That's ok- we like them that way! Love ya!


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