Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 Things

Ten Things I Love About My Job

1.  Getting at least 20 hugs before 9 am
2.  Watching my students learn to read
3.  Coming up with new ideas
4.  Writing stories about my family to teach writing to my students
5.  Hearing sweet giggles throughout the day
6.  The honesty of 6 year olds
7.  Supportive mothers that lend a helping hand
8.  Recess (an opportunity to get fresh air)
9.  Hearing "I love you, Mrs. Turner"
10.  Seeing success in struggling students

Ten Things I Dislike About My Job

1.  Leaving my house at 6:50 am
2.  Not having fresh coffee
3.  Temper tantrums (of all ages)
4.  "I can't"
5.  Tattling
6.  Transportation changes
7.  Running out of energy by lunch
8.  Paperwork
9.  Quiet moments

I started pre-planning on Tuesday.  The students start on Monday.  I have so much to do that I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep.  Starting over is always so hard.  I miss my students from the previous year....and their ability to follow my procedures without being told 15 times how to do it.  But, I get to start over.  I get to meet 20 new students.  It can be refreshing and exciting.  We can try new things together.  There is potential for it to be the best year of my career. 

The next few weeks will literally take every ounce of energy and patience I have.   Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck! My Jessa is going to be a first grader and she is SO EXCITED! Wish she could be in Mrs. Turner's class, too!!

  2. You don't how much this post made me smile! As a parent it's a little sad to read teachers comments on facebook about how much they dread going back to work. One I read today said something about easing back into the "pain". I know everyone enjoys time away from work, but I can't help but wonder what EK's new teacher is thinking.

    Thanks for doing what you do! God knows, I couldn't handle a room full of kids all day! Hee, hee.

  3. I just finished reading the book "A Thomas Jefferson Education" by Oliver Demille. It talks about the importance of being a great teacher, whether at home or in a school system. It also talks about the qualities of a great teacher..being a mentor in the Classics and in Life....

    I have a feeling that you're one of the "greats!" ...and so is your sister.

    Loving your students, caring about their lives, igniting a love for learning that comes from a deep love for learning that you have in your own life...these things make you one of the greats.

    You'd love that an would inspire you as you begin your new year...{if you can muster up time to read it} encourage's a great read and it won't take you more than about 2 days.

    Have a fabulous year!


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