Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clean Up On Aisle 3

Looks can be deceiving.

This sweet and innocent trouble.

I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen a child be so destructive.  If he is alone for 25 seconds, he is making a mess.  Yesterday he managed to get his hands on my toothpaste.  He smeared it on the wall, in my face powder, and all in my hairbrush.  I can fix the wall, but why must he damage things that I don't need to live without? 

Below you will see what he has done to my bedside table.  I will say, it needs some work.  But this is NOT what I had in mind.

I have no idea how he got my pack of Sharpies, but if I had to guess, I would say Annie had something to do with it. 

You may remember the pictures below.  These are the pictures taken after he got into my sunless tanner (foam).  He took off the lid and poured it down his legs...and into my carpet.  These were taken the day after he crumbled powdered donuts on the living room floor.

He had a tan for a few days.

My carpet needs to be replaced.

He is such a stinker!  Today I came into my bedroom and found him with a bottle of baby powder.  He had poured it all in his hair and all over the floor.  I made him help me clean it up.  He was so proud when he went and got the wipes to help out.  Later, I found him "cleaning" the bar in the kitchen.

I like to think that one day he will grow out of this, but I am not so sure.  He really enjoys messing with things.  He is not bad, he is just extremely curious.  Once he has made the mess, he comes to me and attempts to tell (jibber) me what has happened.  When I follow him, he will point to the mess and say "uh, oh." 

I know what you are thinking.  "Where were you during all of this?"  All of these things (and more) happened within seconds.  He moves at lightening speed.  He can open child-proofed cabinets and doors and will climb furniture to get what he wants. 

To some, he is known as "the demolisher."  To me, he is a funny, loving, sweet, cuddly tornado.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


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