Monday, August 23, 2010

The Money Man

Clark Howard would be proud.  At any given time, Max can tell you exactly how much money he the penny.  He counts it at least once a week and writes down the total on a sticky note.

He keeps his money under lock and key...and a combination lock.  When he purchases something, he remembers exactly how much it costs and , in his head, determines exactly how much he has left.  Unlike most 7 year old children, he doesn't want to spend his money.  He would rather pass up a little toy and save up for something "worth the money." 

Don't get me wrong, he will let someone else buy that little toy for him, but he isn't going to part with his money. 

Max told me today that he "might" get married one day.  I made him promise he wouldn't move far away from me.  He assured me that he wouldn't go far.  In fact, he told me that he and his wife are going to live with us.  When I told him that he would probably want to get his own house for his family, he told me that he has to live with us.  "Mommy, you are going to need someone to take care of you and daddy when you are old and can't work anymore.  I will live with yall and pay for all your stuff."  This melted my heart.  I told him he could live with us forever. 

An hour later, when he was running wild and irritating Annie, I began to rethink "forever."  


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