Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She is the One...

My Sister

Jennifer is the smart one.  She is knowledgeable about the things that are most important...as well as those things that I have never taken the time to learn about.  She is the Dean of the middle school where she teaches.  The students love her.  The parents can't believe how successful their children are once they have her.  She can teach something as boring (sorry, but to me it is) as geography and make it interesting. 

Jennifer is the one that "parents" her children the way I wish I could.  She is always consistent and structured.  Her children are extremely well mannered and rarely get in trouble at school.  She manages to maintain her patience when her children are testing her. 

Jennifer is the strong one.  Not just because she is active.  She makes up her mind that she is going to do something and never gives up.  Her heart is strong.   She forgives and forgets because it is the right thing to do.    She eats a spinach salad (even though she hates it) because it is healthy for her.  She models what she wants her children to be like when they grow up.

She is the one that will beat this yucky disease.  Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease several months ago.  It makes her very tired.  She often retains water which causes her legs and ankles to swell.  Her doctors are optimistic that she will respond to the treatment and hopefully will go into remission for years (possibly 10 or more).  I am hoping for 20+. 

If anyone can tackle this, it is Jenn.  Tonight, tomorrow, and for the months to come, send up a few extra prayers for her. 

Love you, Jenn!


*Sorry for the picture quality.  I had to steal them off of her Facebook page.


  1. What a sweet post on your sweet sister. I will pray for sure. Love you.

  2. She sounds amazing.. What a sweet post. Saying a prayer.

  3. always praying for her healing...every single thing you said is absolutely true about Jenn..

    and she has always been all of those things to me.


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