Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Charlie Brown"

Max was only 4 (Annie was 2) when I found out that we were having another boy.  We were trying to decide on the perfect name for our little surprise.  Mack and I narrowed it down to Charlie or Spencer.  Since we liked them both, we decided to let Max and Annie have their input.  Annie didn't care very much, but Max certainly did.  When we told him the two names that we were considering, his eyes lit up. 
"I don't like Spencer, but I want Charlie Brown to by my brother!" 

Max truly thought that Charlie Brown was growing in my stomach.  In one way, he wasn't too far off!

Both Charlie's can be a bit whiney.  Especially if things don't go their way.

But unlike Charlie Brown, my Charlie is silly, proud, loving, and a bit wild.

Happy Thursday!



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