Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Lack Thereof:

To Be Without Something.

My sweet babies were all born without something.

A backside (tooshie, bottom, butter bean, rear, keister, bum, fanny, derriere, etc.).

They get it honest. 

Even with a diaper on.....

Bless their hearts.



  1. Hysterical!!!!!!! So cute. Would love to see all these you took! I can still see him BEAMING and crashing into your body! so cute. it was great to get to know sweet "chawie!"

  2. We've been leaving comments on the same blogs, so I stopped on over to check out yours and say hi! I've enjoyed reading about your adorable kiddos. I too have 2 boys, 1 who is a Charlie! Cute pics and posts. Just added myslef as a follower... :) Tessa


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