Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkins, Funnel Cakes, and a BIG Corn Maze!

1st things 1st:  My laptop is very sick.  I can't seem to get the colors on my husband's computer to even out.  If everyone is yellow, I apologize.

This is Jaemor Farm. 

And THIS is their corn maze.

Each year Jaemor Farm creates an amazing corn maze.  They really outdid themselves this year.  The maze, in the shape of the USA, covered 8.5 acres.

The maze is difficult.  Just when you think you are on the right path, you end up back where you were 20 minutes before.   

Each state is represented.  There are boards with information on each state.  I thought these were very neat...the first few times I saw them. 

Max loved the maze.  He made it the entire 1 hour and 35 minutes (and LOTS of hills) without a single complaint. 

Annie enjoyed it for a little while.  After about an hour, she stopped and put her little hands on her hips.
"I can't take it anymore, Mommy.  I'm done."  Poor thing, we were in the middle of the USA...and not even close to getting out.  She tried to trick Charlie into getting out of his stroller, but he caught on.  No such luck, Annie. 

Finally, I passed a few of the workers.  They gave me a few hints.  Even with the clues, our total time in the maze was about an hour and a half.  Whew!

Charlie loved the tractors!

Max loved the apple sling shot!

This year, if I heard them correctly, Jaemor Farm has produced over 250,000 pumpkins.
And at this price, I can easily see how they sale so many.

We really enjoyed our day!  Well, most of it. 

Max and Annie were NOT impressed by the bathroom situation.  Seriously, I bet the asked at least 100 questions about these things.  "Why is the tee-tee blue?  Why doesn't it flush?  Where is the sink?"  You get the point.

BUT, they were impressed with the funnel cakes.  They were soooo good!

How great would it be to make funnel cakes at home?  Yummy!

All in all, it was a great day! 

Happy Fall!

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