Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Sneak Peak

In preparation for Halloween (and trick-or-treating), Max, Annie, and Charlie tried on their costumes.  Here is a sneak-peak of their costume choices. 

~Don't worry if you can't see Max in these pictures.  His goal is to "blend in" to his surroundings.~ 

Annie finally decided to be a black cat. 

Charlie is going to be a lion.  A really cute Lion.

Max participated in our school Character Dress-Up day.  We had a Character Parade.  The costumes were fantastic!  Such neat ideas. 

And here is my costume for this year.  The first grade teachers joined me in being the characters from the book The Crayon Box That Talked.  It was a quick and easy costume for us to pull off the day before the parade.  Try not to laugh too hard!  :)

Happy Halloween!


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