Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a Mess!

Last night we finally carved the four pumpkins we had picked at the pumpkin farm.  One of Max's friends decided to help.  I am not sure what in the world made me think that doing this inside was a good idea (or with 4 children), but I knew that I would end up doing most of the work.  Since dinner was on the stove, I figured that I could multi-task when the boys got bored.

They helped for about 10 minutes. 

There were seeds everywhere...not just on the table.

Since I was left with the pumpkins (and the mess), I gave them my best worst effort.

So here they are.  One guy was too pitiful for me to photograph.  I keep telling myself that the kids don't know the difference.  I'm pretty sure Max knows they are dumpy, but he hasn't told me as much.  After the mess they made, hopefully he knows better!  Now for roasting ALL those seeds we saved...


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  1. All that slime gets them every time! They are all gung-ho until they realize what a messy job it is. I think your jack-o-lanterns look perfect. Happy Halloween!


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