Friday, October 1, 2010

When You Learn Something...


We all learn something new every day...if we slow down long enough to watch and listen to the world around us.  Sometimes it is something simple.  For example, how to make a cute paper pumpkin or that the tongue of a frog is the length of half of the frog's body.  You know, real important things like that.  :)

Sometimes we learn something more complex.  Something that stops us in our tracks....and breaks our heart.   

This year I have a student that has opened my eyes to a world that I can't comprehend.  A world that NO child should live in.

This pumpkin won me over the first day of school.  My heart goes out to all children, but especially those that need a lot of love.  Pumpkin needs so much.  If only I could bring him home with me and give him all that he needs.  I had been informed about Pumpkin.  By many.  You know, it is a child that comes with a folder thick enough to require two hands to carry.  There was no doubt that Pumpkin would require a LOT of patience. 

Yesterday I heard something that I have heard come out of the mouths of students many times over the years.  However, it normally is JUST a sign of love and nothing more.  Yesterday, it meant so much more.  Pumpkin looked up at me (while we were having a very serious conversation about behavior and inappropriate words) and said, "Mrs. Turner, I wish you were my mommy.  I really want you to be my mommy.  I promise I will be good for you." 

It took every bit of my being not to bust out into tears and tell Pumpkin that I would love to be "Mommy."  When Pumpkin walked back in the room, I went to the bathroom and cried.  No, I sobbed. 

I wish I could be a miracle worker sometimes.  I wish I could fix this child's life.  So for the next 140 school days, I am going to be that mommy...for 8 hours a day.



  1. You are the teacher we all pray our children will get! :)

  2. No kidding Kerri!

    And what a compliment from that sweet little soul!

    I started a blog a couple of weeks ago about a foster-baby-patient of mine who I wept over... for days.
    Thick chart.
    Horrible CPS case.
    Big, brown, beautiful eyes...

    But I never could find the energy to finish it. It seriously took so much out of me, which is awfully selfish to admit.

    Tears. Tears. Tears.

    Thank you for sharing your story about "pumpkin"... you are his angel!


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