Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Perfect

We recently had some pictures taken by a good friend of mine.  Amber and I went to college together and now live only a few miles apart.  We don't see each other as often as we should.  But when we do, it is as if no time has passed at all.  Amber is a photographer in her spare time.  She took this picture of Annie and I LOVE it. 

This picture of Charlie is perfect!  His eyelashes kill me.  I remind my children that "life isn't fair" at least once a week.  Why do boys get the eyelashes?  That isn't fair.

When I see this picture of Max, I fight back tears.  How in the world did he get to be such a big guy?  They are not supposed to grow up this fast.  Yes, he is only in second grade, but he should only be 4!  I don't like him growing up.  Not even a little.

There are sooooo many beautiful pictures that I will share with you all soon.  But first, I have to decide which pictures to use on my Christmas cards.  Until then, you can see more of Amber's work on her blog.

I am so jealous of her talent.  I would love to be able to take pictures like this.

Thank you, Amber, for giving me pictures that I will treasure forever!



  1. What beautiful pictures!!! I love the last one of you and your little boy! PS. I was dying(!) when I read your comment about your mom hunting - I love it and the matching camo earrings!!! How funny! PSS. Go Dawgs! (I think from reading some of your posts that yall are Dawg fans!!)! Hope yall had a great Thanksgiving!!!

  2. beautiful look wonderful, Lorri!

    Your kids are precious...and yes...they grow up too fast!!!

  3. That is so nice to have a friend that takes such beautiful photo's. Your kids are adorable!

  4. Those pictures are gorgeous!!! Your friend is very talented. It isn't hard to capture beauty when you are working with gorgeous subjects!

  5. it doesn't hurt that you have gorgeous little subjects! makes the picture taking even easier! beautiful photos, you lucky girl,you!!

  6. Those are just beautiful! And love, love, love oe of you and your youngest!


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