Monday, November 1, 2010

A Perfect Night For....


And Chili!

Having chili has become a tradition here on Halloween night.  We usually have family over for Trick-or-Treating.  Our neighborhood is full of children, so Mack's mother stays behind to hand out candy.

His brother and his wife bring their children over. 

Mack's brother has three children.  That makes 6 kiddos running around the house. 

We load up with some of the neighbors and head out on the "hayride."  This year, it was minus the hay....the children didn't even notice. 

*Ernie (bottom right) is our sweet driver!  He is our favorite guy every Halloween.  Ernie keeps us from climbing the many hills in our neighborhood.*

Charlie was a big fan of last night.  "Candy" and "thank you" were said many, many times.

*As for the sagging jeans: I told you he gets it honest!  Poor children.*

Good food, sweet treats, family, friends, and perfect weather.  Happy Halloween! 



  1. How cute Lorri!! I'm so jealous you live near family...I know your kids benefit too.

  2. what a fun night!! one of my favorites of the year! we had chili too, though not a tradtion, but might need to make it one! thanks for sharing the cute pics!


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