Friday, November 12, 2010

Quiet Moments...Continued

Well, this is going to be interesting.  As of today, I have lost my voice.  This morning I woke up to a scratchy throat and sounded "a little funny" (according to Annie).  As the day continued, my voice became, well, barely there. 

I started drinking hot tea last winter.  I didn't drink it very often this summer due to the massive heat and humidity outside.  Now that it is pleasantly cool, I have started having a cup at night. 

The first picture is of my favorite tea by Gevalia.  It is Raspberry Hibiscus Tea.  The second picture is of their Mixed Berry Tea.  Both are delicious and smell as good as they taste.  As of now, my throat is killing me and my voice is gone.  This tea has helped to soothe my throat. 

All of this is to say:  My children are loving the quiet moments from me!  They are concerned about my voice, but Max has already told Annie that "mommy can't even tell them what to do." 

Now, go and enjoy a cup of hot tea!


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  1. Your little ones are too funny ~ won't they have a rude awakening when your voice returns :)

    I love a cup of hot tea in the evening ~ I'm going to have to try these flavors.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. It's too early in the season to be ill.



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