Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today and Everyday

I am thankful for coffee. 


It brings me joy.

And energy.

Energy that gets me through days like the last two.  When we returned from Trick-or-Treating on Sunday night, Charlie began running a fever.  Not just a little one.  At midnight, his temperature was 103.6.  I don't typically panic with fevers, but when they reach 103.6, I do.  I was able to get the temperature down to 101, but was still a bit nervous.  Since he was stuffy and coughing, I also started worrying about his asthma.  He did fine throughout the night, but it was a long night for me.  I think I may have achieved 2-3 hours sleep...total.  I love coffee, but I really love it on days when sleep isn't an option.

I am thankful for coffee, but even more thankful that my sweet Charlie is doing better!



  1. right there with you...we had the dreaded 2:00 am child in our room saying they just got sick in their bed. it was awful & messy. poor thing. thankfully it was short lived. not the way to cap off such a fun night. glad your charlie is feeling better!

  2. Oh my gosh! How cute are your children! Loved reading your blog - and its nice to find a fellow Georgian, who likes salt, coffee and wants to win the lottery (things I love/dream about daily)! Look forward to reading more!

    PS: I may have to try Gevalia - I've never had it before, but its looks good and expensive!


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