Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today I Am VERY Thankful For...


Yes, you read that right.  And Xopanex.  And Dr. E. 

My sweetest Charlie has asthma.  Bless him, he has had it his whole life.  We have had many fights with it over the last 2 1/2 years.  It seems as though any little cold turns into him needing oral steroids, breathing treatments, etc. 

This week has been no exception. Charlie had a temperature virus earlier this week. No other side effects, just the fever. We took him in to see his pediatrician, who hung the moon, and had him checked out. At that time, he wasn't wheezing, etc. But all that changed around midnight last night.

That (oh so familiar) cough and "whistling" began. It was another night of very little sleep. Today I took him back to see Dr. E. Just as I thought, his asthma was in high-gear. We left with Albuterol, Xopanex, Orapred (an oral steroid), and a strong cough medicine. Even with all the above, he is coughing his head off!

Albuterol has it's ugly side effects, but it works very well to open up his airway.  Of course, we prefer Xopanex (little to no side effects), but insurance companies don't like paying for it...which means we pay a TON for a single inhaler. 

My little guy is miserable.  He cries every time he coughs (which is about every 30 seconds).  I can't wait to see his sweet smile again. 

Hopefully that will be tomorrow!



  1. awww, poor thing. here's to a peaceful night for the BOTH of you. hope he's feeling more like himself tomorrow.

  2. Hopefully his asthma will get better. My youngest had it pretty bad when he was little - the colds that just get worse and worse and lead to the breathing problems and treatments and hospital stays. I'm happy to report that at 11 years old he is doing really well. The past few years better and better - lately pretty much 1 breathing treatment a year. He is really active and that may help - his doctor says it makes his lungs stronger! Best Wishes - that poor little man!


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