Thursday, November 25, 2010

When It Rains, We Paint

We have had a few cloudy, wet days around here.  In order to keep these guys from climbing the walls, I have been pulling out the play dough, board games, puzzles, blocks, and paint.  Since Charlie ended up painting my bedside table last time, I waited until he was napping to pull out the paint.

I love watching them concentrate as they create their pictures.

There were even some sweet moments of brother/sister love.  We have those moments around here a good bit, but I would be lying if I said that they get along all the time.  Max is a typical big brother.  He thinks it is hilarious to scare Annie.  He hides her shoes and her Baby Annie.  He drives her bananas. 

But he loves her.  He is the first to check on her when she falls down or is feeling sick.

Annie wants to be like him.  She wants to be "big and smart."  But she is not interested in "getting dirty all the time." 

Annie prefers to dress up Baby Annie and take her picture. 

Hmmm.  Wonder where she gets that from?


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  1. Those are absolutely beautiful pictures... of absolutely beautiful chil'ens! Dotn you love it when they get along? Makes your heart melt.


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