Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hostess Gifts or Treats for Party Guests

I made these as hostess gifts
and treats for my Christmas guests.   

I wanted to put something together that was fun and personalized.  The Merry Christmas signs and toppers were made by Serena at Rylie Boo Events.  I recently won a fabulous giveaway from Serena.  Her stuff is adorable! I can't wait to use it all again this weekend!

I purchased Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate to put in the boxes.  The paper cups and straws are from Garnish.  I could spend a fortune on that website.

I made the ornaments.  No, they aren't fancy.  But they are personalized!  That counts, right?

Overall, these were pretty inexpensive to make/create.  Even though they weren't pricey, they are pretty fun.  I also baked (which I hate to do) peppermint cookies.  These cookies are my MOST FAVORITE cookies.  I can't tell you how good they are.  I just wish I was better at making them. 

Seriously, I can't have those cookies in my house without supervision. 

This would be a pretty simple thing to throw together for Christmas hostess gifts, neighbors, or winter gifts.  You could always paint hearts on the cups for Valentine's Day.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. These look fantastic - so bright and cheerful. You could make a similiar version to this as a gift all year round. Great idea! Sonia :)

  2. These are so cute, but I think you meant to put a S on them right????

  3. the ornament is my favorite part!! :) very, very fun!! your guests will go nuts!

  4. I am so impressed with you!! What great ideas!

  5. i think you should give us the recipe for the peppermint cookies. :)


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