Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa at Phipps

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Our annual visit to see Santa at Phipps was, once again, successful!  I can't tell you how wonderful he is.  He is patient and kind.  He talks to the children and listens to their every wish. 

As crazy as it sounds, we made our appointment to see him back in October.  The online appointment system opens in early October.  The appointments are typically taken within 24 hours!   

Not only do they take several pictures, but they record the visit with Santa and put it on a DVD.  You can hear every precious word that he says.  And the best part.....we have never waited more than 10 minutes to see him.

He reviews all of the wishes on their wish lists.  Then the lists are added to the Wish List box so that Santa doesn't forget what the children are hoping for.

What's on your list?


  1. Precious! You are so lucky you were able to snag an appointment!!!! I was online within the first 15 minutes of it opening and the system had crashed. I kept checking back and it said it would be up later only to find out they got it up and running during the night and by the time I signed in again it was full. Grrrrrrrrr, they totally need a better system. Your pictures are precious! Have a wonderful and merry Christmas with your sweet family! Did you watch the video yet? That is alwasy my favorite part!!! :)

  2. Love Santa... AND Phipps!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve!

  3. How special! Yall have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Darling pictures!! (but what on earth is Santa wearing??!! The lacy, ruffle, shoulder flap thingy! :)) What a wonderful tradition for your kids to look forward to each year! Merry Christmas!!

  5. What a special tradition. I've never heard of making an appointment ~ fabulous idea!


  6. Oh my! That Santa is amazing! He looks like he's off a movie set. What a special memory indeed!


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