Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where is the Snow?

The weather was miserable this week.  It was freezing! It was the kind of cold that hurts your bones.  We just aren't used to 13 degree mornings that feel like 3 degrees.  To me, it shouldn't be that cold unless there is SNOW on the ground.  Fluffy snow.

We ended up getting some freezing rain and sleet on Wednesday night.  Ice is not fun.

It was enough to cause the roads to be very slick.  We southerners are not accustomed to black ice.

I certainly don't drive in the snow or ice. 

I love days when we "can't" go anywhere. 

Building a fire and drinking hot chocolate.

Watching Home Alone and The Grinch a couple of times each.

I love those days....and hope we have some snow days soon!



  1. Wouldn't snow be great around Christmas??? Love your cute kiddos hugging in front of the fire...

  2. Sounds like perfect weather for being indoors. Beautiful children! I can't imagine having black ice at all! It's supposedly summer here, but has rained alot and has been quite cool. Yesterday (Sunday) we enjoyed a snuggly family day ourselves with a movie and the rain drumming down on the roof made it even more snuggly. I want the sun now though! :)


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