Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taking Suggestions

I started decorating my mantel the day after Thanksgiving.  I use the word "started" because I never finished it.  I'm stuck.  It's a good start, but something is missing. 

Here is another view.  Please ignore the massive amounts of books and magazines in the log holder.  I blame Charlie for that.  I blame myself for the window treatment.  I know what I want, but just haven't bitten that bullet yet.

I would love your suggestions!  Should I start over?  Add something?  Or stop obsessing about it and move on?

Do tell.



  1. I think it looks perfect! Especially next to your gorgeous tree. But I'm not the one to ask, I seem to be stuck on mine too. I used to hang a big wreath over my mantle, but now I have a large painting there and don't want (or have space) to move it. But really, yours does look beautiful!!

  2.'s beautiful the way it is. It's classic and simple - perfect. Don't mess with it. :)

  3. Love your tree! Lots like mine all chocked full o' ornaments! Working on my mantle tonight...

  4. beautiful...all of it!

    is that a coffee filter wreath?

    I made one tonight...and I LOVE it!!!

  5. I think the wreath might need a little color. Other than that...AWESOME!

  6. Just discovered your blog. I'm in the same boat from a window treatment perspective. At least you have a valance...I've just got wooden blinds from the dark ages. I think everything looks great.


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