Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rescue Efforts

Yesterday Charlie tripped while he was running.  His knee was all scratched up and bleeding.  By some miracle, he wasn't crying.  He just kept saying "boo-boo hurt."

Mack brought him inside and started cleaning it up.

First he blew on it.  Then he pretended to kiss it.  Next he put on some antibiotic cream.  The cream really disturbed Charlie. 

Charlie was not satisfied.

Mack put on a Sponge Bob band aid, but Charlie needed another one. Dora would have to do. 

Who would have thought that Sponge Bob and Dora would save the day?


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sleep is Overrated

I don't believe that for a second.  Sleep is a necessity.  I would LOVE it if someone would force me to lay down in my comfortable bed (with the ceiling fan on high) and take a nap every day.  I think we would all function better if we napped. 

Last night Max spent the night with a friend.  Annie came up with a plan.  She told her daddy that he would be sleeping in the guest room and she and Charlie would be spending the night with me.  Since Mack loves the firm mattress on the guest bed (due to his back), he jumped at the idea.  He knew this would mean a great sleep for him....but not for me.

Annie and Charlie played in the bed for at least an hour.  They jumped.  They fell.  They wrestled.  It was cute for about 30 minutes.  At that point, I was over it.  I was pleasantly surprised that I slept very well.  I don't remember any arms or feet in my back.  To my knowledge, I wasn't kicked at all.  This is progress!  I woke up this morning to this.

I love when little ones sleep this way.  I know it won't be long until he doesn't do this anymore.  I love that little rump!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going Back

Normally, by this time, I am ready to go back to work.  I have always loved my summer time at home with my children, but this year has been the best.  I have loved every minute of it.  In the past, I would start to get excited about planning a new year with my first graders.  This year, I don't seem to have that excitement.  I really do love teaching, but I have discovered that I love being at home more.  I am hoping that when I spend a little more time in my room, that my "love for a new school year" will return.

Charlie and Annie went with me to school to help set up my classroom.  I am not sure that they helped very much.  In fact, they MAY have made a bigger mess!

At least they played good together.  I think I will have to find a sitter for them when I go back. 


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Final Product

I am FINALLY done with the kitchen cabinets!!!  I love, love, love them!!!  It was a ton of work, but totally worth every minute. 

 It is amazing to me that black cabinets make the room feel bigger.  I know that sounds crazy, but they really do!

I still have to work on the placement of things on top of the cabinets.  I really hate that wasted space.  For now, I am leaving it the way it was.  Maybe Jaime will come and rearrange/fix the "stuff" up there...hint!

Taking down the light fixtures and spray painting them black made a huge difference, but the recessed lighting was the best move I could have made. 

I have to say, I am proud of myself.  I can't believe that I did it AND it looks good.  Sort of makes me feel like Super Woman. 


Monday, July 26, 2010

"Where Are They?"

I know I am in TROUBLE when the house is quiet and I can't find my boys.  The silence usually ends with me finding Max with a creature of some sort or Charlie with a Sharpie.  Either way, silence is a scary thing in this house.  This morning the boys were missing.  I was totally expecting to find them drawing with lipstick or eating dirt.  Instead, I found them in Charlie's room. 

I love when they surprise me.  Sweet, sweet boys. 

*Tomorrow I will find them eating dirt.*


The Perfect Summer Snack

In my mind, the perfect summer snack is homemade peach ice cream....made with Georgia Belle Peaches.  Ice cream is perfect on a HOT day like today.  My children had a different idea.  I came in from outside and found them enjoying their idea of a snack.

Cucumbers and celery.  Notice the dirt on the celery.  A little dirt won't hurt, right?  Sure hope not!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Learning to Drive


Lately we have been cheating and heading down to the pool for night swimming.  It is just too hot during the day for little Charlie.  His asthma has been giving him fits due to the heat and humidity. 
Just for fun, Mack let Charlie "drive" in the parking lot.  The scary thing is that he was actually pretty good at it!!!

I love his long hair, but it is starting to look like he has a mullet.  Today is haircut day.  I just hope he doesn't come out of the salon looking like a little boy instead of a baby boy. 


Friday, July 23, 2010

Making Headway

I am almost there!  I have two more coats of polycrylic to apply on the doors and drawers.  I should get both of those done tomorrow.  To be on the safe side, I will wait until later in the week to put the doors back on the cabinets.  I am so excited to see the final product!  Here are a few pictures that I took today.  Please ignore all the random stuff on top of the counters and on top of the cabinets.  There just isn't enough room in the rest of the house for all this random kitchen stuff.  I can't wait to get back to normal.

I am on the lookout for some fabric.  I would like to have some simple window treatments made.  The random clock on the wall will be finding a new home. 

Now....if only I can talk Mack into getting new counter tops.

I can't wait to be able to take an "after" picture!



Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's A Full Moon!

Watch out!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I MAY Have Overreacted

My Hero

Simon (AKA Yoggle) is a pretty good kitty.  His old and ornery, but really loves me.  He has saved the day more than once in this house.  When Charlie was tiny, a bat flew down the chimney and into the den.  Simon flew through the air and caught it.  He was my hero that day for sure!

Today was no different.  I was sitting in the chair watching the Bachelorette (recorded) when Simon jumped over my chair and landed on this HUGE, disgusting bug.  I quickly jumped to my feet and ran to the other side of the room.  I have to admit that I screamed for a few seconds.  Not a loud scream, but more of a high-pitched one.  By the time I got down from the ottoman that I was standing on, my children and Connor were in the room.  Luckily, the bug was no longer attempting to fly, but it was crawling. 

I grabbed my camera and yelled for Max to get it out.  The children were not near as scared of this thing as I was.  In fact, they were saying things such as "cool" and "let's keep it!"  Uhhhh, negative. 

For those of you that are worried about me having killed the bug, I didn't.  In fact, as you can see below, Charlie even tried to give the bug a piece of popcorn for a snack.

I am happy to say that Max got the bug out of the house safely AND I didn't have a heart attack.


A Love/Hate Relationship

I love this sander with all my heart......and HATE it at the same time.  It has saved me so much time over the last two weeks, but it causes my hands to tingle for hours after I finish using it.  This sander does an excellent job of getting off the many coats of stain and gloss off of the cabinets, but is as loud as a train.  It has cut my time in half by being so efficient, but is a constant reminder that I am not finished. 


This is where I am now.  I can't wait to be finished.  Getting closer!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

What Have I Done?

My biggest dislike of our house is our kitchen.  The cabinets are the pits.  They are not a good color AND they are tiny.  There is so much wasted space at the top.  Why would the builder not put cabinets in that go all the way to the ceiling...especially in such a small kitchen?  Well, the answer is money.  I am sure it saved him a TON by putting in these sad, sad cabinets.  When we first moved in (8 years ago), the entire house was painted khaki.  The house was new, but was completely finished when we bought it.  Don't get me wrong, it is a great house.  But, the kitchen just isn't big enough...and neither are the cabinets.  About two weeks ago, I got a wild hair to paint the kitchen.  As you can see below, we had painted the walls red after we moved in.  It looked alright, but I just didn't love it. 

*This picture was taken right before I started painting.  It is only the corner of the kitchen, but you get the idea.  Notice the florescent light at the top of the picture.  Do NOT notice the McDonald's take out and other clutter all over the place.  Yes, I am a bad mom that ran by McDonald's to feed my children due to my lack of wanting to cook right before starting to paint.

Here are the contents of my kitchen right now.  That is my dinning room table covered with a red sheet.  At least I was smart enough to take down my curtains before making this mess.

Here is the new color.  I really love it.  It appears to be more yellow in this picture than it really is.  This is due to the horrible florescent light.  I hated that it looked this way, so I called an electrician (friend) that lives down the street.  The next thing I know....
...the florescent light is gone!  Perfect! 

And so I thought to myself, "why not get him to install some floor outlets in the living room while he is here?" Are you beginning to see that one thing leads to another?

Since he was already here, I asked him to take down some light fixtures that will look great if painted black.
You can imagine how stunned Mack was when he returned from a 10 day trip to find his house in this mess.  But, he completely surprised me by saying that the paint looked clean and fresh.  In fact, he told me to have the rest of the house painted!  So, a painter will be here in a week or two to start on painting the living room, dinning room, and hallways. 

Did I mention that I am starting back to work in two weeks?

I have killed myself with this project.  The cabinets are taking forever!  But, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
More to come....


The "Look"

The last two weeks have been hard on Annie.  Mack has been traveling a good bit for work.  Max and Charlie have really missed him, but Annie is a daddy's girl.....all the way.  While he was gone, she developed a little bit of an attitude.  This is the look that she gave me whenever I corrected her behavior.  Annie has always been extremely mild-mannered.  She never talked back and was always happy.  Something has changed and I don't like it!

I am not ready for this. 


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Promise

I promise I feed my child. 

Max is just like my dad.  He is much taller than his classmates and thin as a rail.  He eats constantly.  There is no doubt in my mind that he consumes over 4,000 calories a day.  Where does it all go?  Lucky boy!


Friday, July 16, 2010


I am man enough to admit that I am NOT a fan of bugs.  I don't like bugs that fly, crawl, scurry, or wiggle.  I am a complete wimp when it comes to anything that even resembles a bug.  Having said that, you can imagine how disturbed I was when we saw this worm beside the pool.   

You may not be able to tell just how big and fat this worm is by the picture above.  I was not about to get close enough to it to get a better picture. 

As you can see, Lucy (my niece) was not afraid of this little (BIG) guy.  She even asked her mother if she could keep him.  She was disappointed that Jennifer said no. 

She must not have been too upset.  She was able to eat a graham cracker while holding him. 



Thursday, July 15, 2010

"I Seriously Doubt That, Max"

"There is a ghost in the basement, mom!!!"

Max had three boys spend the night a few days ago.  These boys have more energy than, well, anything I can think of.  Max has the perfect set-up downstairs.  The boys spent hours down there...until one of the lamps "was turned off by a ghost."  The next thing I knew, the boys were all upstairs in Annie's pink room (convinced that the ghost would get them downstairs).  I could not resist taking this picture. 


Monday, July 12, 2010

For the LOVE of Coffee

My Guilty Pleasure

You know how some things make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside?  That is my coffee.  Yes, I am guilty of drinking it for the "perk" that it provides, but I drink it for many other reasons.

*The smell helps me lift my heavy head off the pillow. 
*The sound of the coffee maker keeps me from drifting back to sleep.


*The coffee cups warm my hands, which always seem to be cold (regardless of the weather).
*It gives me an excuse (at home) to sit and sip instead of jumping into the duties of the day.
*I stimulate the economy when purchasing from a coffee shop.
*There is an unspoken relationship between women who drink coffee.  An "understanding."

*It gives girl friends and excuse to slow down and chat while enjoying a cup.

And, of course, it allows you to express your personality.
Bold. Medium. Mild. Light. House Blend. Creamer. Flavor.  Whipped Cream.  Non-Fat.  Extra Hot. Sugar.  Sweetener.  Tall.  Grande

And what you decide to put it in can also express your personality/mood for the day.




Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's For Dinner?

I am one of those lucky moms that only has to fix one dinner.  Maybe I am just too tired to do more?  I have never really had to fight with my children about food.  They are not picky eaters, thank goodness...well, the jury is still out on a few things in regards to Charlie.  All of them love for me to peel a cucumber and let them eat the whole thing.  Little grape tomatoes are also a favorite.  Anyway, Tonight's dinner is my Mack's favorite (and Max's).  We grilled fillets that were perfect!  I fixed twice baked potatoes and a salad with fresh garden veggies.  My children all cleaned their plates. 

I have been told, by several friends, that food is a huge battle with their children.  I guess they get their love of food from me.  Growing up, I was just like my sweet papa.  He always had to end a meal with something salty. 

My papa would always save a bite of dressing or a roll on holidays to eat after dessert.  To this day, I will choose salty over sweet.  Max is the same way!  I guess some things are just in the genes.