Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Bash

Here are a few more pictures from Annie's party.  If you missed the first post from her party, you can find it here.  Annie loved her party and is still talking about it.  I think her friends loved it, too. 

Since the girls were asked to bring their favorite baby dolls and a stroller, it only seemed fitting to have a bowl and spoon for the girls to feed them at the table.  The bowls were pink and blue with sweet little animals on them.  Each girl took one set home in their goody bags.

Each goody bag had a few diapers for the babies, the bowl and spoon, candy, a Cabbage Patch cup, some little birthday blow-outs, a birthday hat, and a pink bracelet.  The girls also had a vinyl place mat to color when they arrived.

The place cards, cupcake toppers and invitations were all made by Serena at Rylie Boo Events.  Serena is wonderful to work with and comes up with the cutest ideas!

Annie's sitter made the cupcakes.  They were delicious!  However, she didn't get to do the icing due to her mother-in-law passing away.  Therefore, I made the icing.  It was very yummy, but turned out slightly orange.  THAT is why I don't like to bake.

Seriously, don't laugh.

The food was simple.  Chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a, Cheetos, grapes, chips, etc.  Not healthy, but they enjoyed it.

Jennifer (my sister) and her daughter (Lucy) came up from Griffin.  Jenn and I cheated and hired a sitter for the night before the party so we could go to dinner and do a little shopping.  It was sooooo much fun....and relaxing.    I am grateful for my time with her. 

Annie's newest friend, Madison came to the party.  She is precious.  Her mom and I used to teach together.  Hopefully we will again soon.

Annie and Taylor (below) have been friends since they were 3 months old.  They have the best time together.  Yep, there is that orange icing again.  Geez.

Lucy is a stinker. 

Annie and her friend, Kaelyn.  They play together every day. 

With the exception of the icing, the party was perfect. 

Happy Birthday, sweet Annie!


  1. What a sweet day!! Every little girl would envy a party like this!!!!

  2. Great shots! What a perfect day for your special little lady! (Hey, I'm selling those dismats, let me know if you would like one...)

  3. I see VERY hot pink cupcakes! LOL

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    The party looked great!
    I too, LOVE planning birthday parties, however I imagine they are even more fun to plan for little girls!!
    ...Maybe one day!!

  5. hey there lorri, what a beautiful party - my little girlpies used to have wonderful 'girly' parties for their birthdays too ... aren't they fun?! I love that last photo so much - beautiful!

  6. What a fun party! Love how the bags turned out! Great job! Kerri

  7. ps - wanted to follow up @ the mountain house your parents are building ... the one my mother built is in west virginia, the architect and builder were both from roanoke va ... looking at those gorgeous photos from your post, I could've sworn they were neighbors - so many similarities! I was thinking that would be the craziest thing if they really were neighbors, but i'll bet your parents home is in GA, right?

  8. What a "sweet" bday party!! Come on over to my blog & get your Versatile Blogger Award!! hugs, Cathy

  9. Adorable birthday party! So glad you visited my blog today and thank you for the sweet comment about my girls ;)
    Your kiddos are adorable as well!!!

  10. SWEET pictures! It brings me back to when I used to do those kind of parties for my little girl. My "baby" will be 14 soon...and now the parties are a little more elaborate...motel parties with "the besties" at a waterpark. Sigh. But, still a load of fun!!!
    Enjoyed your have a lovely little girl!!!

  11. What an adorable party! I love all the attention to detail. Your daughter is gorgeous, as are your photos! Looking forward to following along. :)

  12. wow! i am new to your blog! little girls with big bows and must live in the South and now I'm hooked!!! what a great party!!!

  13. This party looks like so much fun and right up our ally! We have never invited the baby dolls along, how fun. I will have to remember that idea for when my little one gets a bit older.
    Enjoy the night

    No Chick-fil-a here and oh how I miss it!!!

  14. Lori...perfect party!

    We're taking Lydia to babyland general next year for Christmas!~


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