Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

My sweet Annie turned 5 last week.  We had a week full of little celebrations.  We went to see Tangled, picked out prizes at the Disney Store, had lunch at Olive Garden, had a cookie cake with her pre-k class, and picked out an outfit for her party.  I am telling ya....this girl is rotten.  And yes, Jennifer, I know it is my fault.  :)

*Making her wish!*

Annie is, no doubt, a little princess.  She loves all things pink and sparkly!  If her "lipstick" fetish continues, we should buy stock in it.  (Shhh!  It is really chap-stick with a hint of pink.)

*Please ignore the orange icing on the cupcake.  I told you I hate to bake.*

We had Annie's birthday party at Babyland General Hospital.  Babyland is the home of the original Cabbage Patch Kids.  This place was a favorite of mine growing up.  We only lived about 20 minutes away from it.   In fact, my grandparents are the ones that sold Xavier Roberts the fabric for the original babies. 

*Courtesy of Babyland General*

Babyland General is truly amazing.  The people are precious.  The nurses and doctors never get out of character.  We had Annie's party in the party room and then went out to be a part of the "birth" of her original doll.  Here are a few pictures of the "birth."

Once the announcement came that Mother Cabbage was 10 leaves dilated, we rushed over to the tree.  They gave Mother Cabbage some medicine through the bottle IV that made her more comfortable.  The base of the tree began to glow pink.  Once the "leaf-otomy (not to be confused with an episiotomy) had been performed, the baby was born.  So stinking cute!  

Annie was asked to name the baby.  Ready for the name???  Annie Belle.  That just happens to be what my father calls her.
I can't even begin to tell you how proud she was when they handed her Annie Belle.

After the baby's check-up was completed, Annie adopted Annie Belle.  The nurse explained that Annie Belle must sleep with Annie every night so that she isn't scared.

After the complete check-up was completed, Annie adopted Annie Belle.  The nurse explained that Annie Belle must sleep with Annie every night so that she isn't scared.
I think we all got a kick out of walking around the baby boutique looking at the dolls.....especially those with wild hair!

This was the best party in the world!  If I told you the price, you would be a GOOD way!  It was very inexpensive (until we purchased the doll, of course).  All of the girls at the party are determined to have their parties there, too.  Annie is already talking about having her 6th birthday there.  I am all for it!

More pictures to come!



  1. How fun! She looks like she had a ball! What a terrific birthday!!!

  2. She's getiing prettier in each picture :) (I guess I mean -as she gets older)! What fun!

  3. Aw, girls birthday parties are so much fun ... happy birthday to her!

  4. Great photos! That's so awesome to have a birthday party there. I would have been in heaven if I had my party there when I was a little girl. I loved Cabbage Patch kids. Also, that's so cool that your grandparents sold him the fabric. Great photos and Happy Birthday, Annie!

  5. Cabbage Patch Land is THE best! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl - what a GREAT 5th birthday!!!

  6. What a cute party! Who knew there was such a place?! So cool that you have a history there. Happy Birthday to your Annie!

  7. Just catching up on on posts.. we've been without internet since Friday...ugh! Anyway, HOW CUTE was Annie's party??!!!! I would have loved this as a 5 year old! What a wonderful memory!! You are such a good Mama!! And PLEASE keep blogging (I read your previous post too). I love reading your posts and seeing pics of your cutie pies. I have my days when I'd rather wrap the whole blogging thing up b/c it is a time committment and time is not something I have tons of these days - oh, heaven help us with our Charlies - he is sooo sweet but age 2 can wear me out!! Ok, I'm signing off..writing a chapter here...
    xo, Tess

  8. What a wonderful party and such great memories!

  9. That looks like such a fun party. I love how she chose the name. It reminded me of my Noah. His first build a bear was a cat that he named Noah Cat and his second was a frog that he named JJ Frog - after his brothers nickname. I just caught up on your posts - your parents new home looks so beautiful. It must be so much fun to plan a space just how you want it! Blogging can be a little stressful at times (like when I run out of post ideas) your blog is really fun to visit so I hope you keep going! Have a great day!


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