Monday, January 3, 2011

Impromptu Tea Party

Annie and two of her friends decided that they needed to have a tea party.  The original plan was to have it at one of the neighbors.  Somehow that plan was changed and they ended up at my house.

I baked some peanut butter cookies and made some sweet tea...

pulled out a white table cloth and a lacy thingy to put on top of the cloth.  I have no idea where I got that lacy thing or why I still own it! 

The girls toasted for friendship and good health.  Too cute.

I think they solved some of the world's problems.

Well, until Charlie decided to join the party.

He has been known to cause a few more problems then he solves.  :)

I have to give myself some credit.  These cookies were fantastic!  I love to cook, but I am NOT a fan of baking.  This recipe was simple and delicious.  I don't think they will last very long!



  1. Yes they were VERY delicious!!

  2. So proud of you for using the "good china"...adorable.

  3. You're such a fun mom!
    You can't say they were delicious and NOT post the recipe! Unless of course it's a "secret" recipe! :)

  4. Lorri, how cute and these are memories they and you will cherish. Enjoy them while they are little. They grow so fast. Your header is adorable.

  5. What a sweet tea party ~ lovin the tea set! Poor little Charlie :)

    Your new header is fabulous.


  6. What a special party you helped create!! I'm sure they will remember it for years to come. And those cookies look delicious!!! You have to post the recipe! :)

  7. They are all so adorable and what little girl doesn't love a tea party. That's so special. And Charlie, what a cutie! Your comment about the problem solving was so funny!

  8. ok you must be a closet baker. you keep sayin' it's not your thing, but seriously, an importu party and you whip up cookies and have all the ingredients on hand...hmmm.. fess up, you are a baker, you are!!

  9. impromptu, impromptu..I'm tired. sorry, can't type or proof read worth a darn!! :)


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