Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is There Anything Better?

Then the anticipation of snow?

For those of us in the south, a good snow (4 inches or so) is pretty rare.  If we are lucky, we might get one good snow a year.  Since it is not an "all winter thing," we look forward to it.  We had snow here on Christmas Day, but it was only a couple of inches.  

We took full advantage of it, though.  Cozy pajamas and warm blankets. A friend of mine gave me a pair of footed pajamas a few years ago.  Two things you should know.  

1~They are both warm and comfy.  2~I don't look cute in mine at ALL!  :)

Yes, most people that live north of us giggle at how we completely shut down with only a few inches of snow, but we just aren't prepared for it here.  And typically, we get ice and freezing rain on top of the snow.  We certainly aren't accustomed to driving on ice.  However, it is pretty comical to watch the meteorologists predict these "snow storms."  Especially when they are talking while dramatic music plays in the background.  Ha!

There is an "old wives tale" that says if we keep snow on the ground for three days, it will snow again...soon.  When it snowed on Christmas Day, it stuck around (in patches) for 5 days.  So here we are.  They are predicting that we will get somewhere between 4 and 6 inches.  Some models show up to 8.  This is big news, people.  Big. 

Now, try not to laugh.  I would bet you 1 million dollars (that I don't have) that the grocery stores will be PACKED today and tomorrow.  There will be NO milk.  NO bread. 

*Google Photos*

We may not be able to get our hands on milk, but I can PROMISE you that there will be plenty of coffee and creamer here at my house.

There will be roasted marshmallows, too.  Lots of them.  If the wind calms down, we will roast them outside.  If not, we will cheat and roast them in the fireplace.  It's true.

I can't wait to see what this "snow storm" brings to the south.  Whether it brings one inch or 6 inches, I know we will have tons of snuggle time and games.  Hopefully we will get to make some snow ice cream!  Sending you Winter Wishes!



  1. I love footed pj's too...except not on me! We're getting a little snow here today also. I love that we are all snuggled inside too!
    Enjoy your snowy weekend!

  2. Great photos!

    We awoke to fresh snow this morning. There is more headed our way this evening. Love how bright and cheery it looks out my window.

    I *need* a pair of those jammies :)


  3. Hope you get your 4 to 6 inches. We missed our 15 inches the day after Christmas because we were in GA. Maybe soon..... Here's to some fun snow days for you all.

  4. Such fun pics, Lorri!! We had a little snow last night too, but not enough to play in and it's soooo cold outside that it hurts. We love fireplace smores!! Hope your kiddos are enjoying themselves!!

  5. Beautiful images, Lorri. I have a hair appointment tomorrow in Sandy Springs and then I have to run to Pubix, I hope there is crowd control, LOL!

  6. We are soooo ready! We are on the Ga/SC border...

  7. Living here in the deep South...I do love to get some snow, but I'm VERY SAD about the snow/ICE storm that we will be getting on Sunday and Monday in favorite place on earth! My daughter left today to go back for Monday there is no classes and all the parties planned on campus are no longer going on, so we will no longer be going up to watch our TIGERS play on Monday night...what a bummer!!!!


  8. Sounds like so much fun! I like to hibernate during snow storms and kind of just like a good storm just to have the excuse to curl up and be cozy!

  9. You know what's funny? We get lots of snow up here, but people still freak out every time. We are expecting another big storm on Tues. and I am freaking out because I'm due to have a baby any day! I do not want to be driving to the hospital in a blizzard! LOL!

  10. Cute post. Yes, I am sure our northern friends laugh at us shutting down. We have ice though. I didn't know you lived in the south. Pretty pics.

  11. You have such adorable children! And wow, your house is beautiful! Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day! I appreciate it!


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