Monday, January 17, 2011

Thawing Out

It has been over a week since our first snow of 2011.  We still have snow...and ice. 

I love snow.  It is beautiful.  Here in the South, the world seems to stop with snow.  It's quiet.  Peaceful.  

A snow like this one comes about every 10 years or so.  I am convinced it is God's way of slowing us down.  We are all too busy.

No school.  No appointments.  No basketball games.  No traffic.  

Instead, there is a ton of snuggles, movies, games, drawing/painting, and smores.  

I spent a ton of time cooking.  I have read several posts by other bloggers that talked about how being stuck in the house causes them to cook....all day....every day.  It is true for me, too.  I made homemade chicken noodle soup, potato and ham soup, brownies, etc.  I can't thank my mother enough for "making" me help in the kitchen as I grew up.  Not only do I have a ton of recipes that I cook all the time, but she taught me the basics.  Cooking is now pure enjoyment for me.  The grocery store is NOT.

As I stated last week:  When snow is on the ground for more than 3 days, it snows within 3 weeks.  It's an old wives' tale, but seems to be true.  

So....we wait. 

And we wonder.

Will that wives' tale be accurate?

When will make up all these school days?  Ugh.



  1. We have our first full snow day today! :) We actually got ice during the night.
    Your pictures are so good...I know I always say that! Also...I want a headband like your daughters! So cute!

  2. love these pictures.
    love the new look of your blog....
    you did a CSN give away...YAY!

  3. I dint accept your Old Wives Tale!!! The last of our snow/ice washed away with the rain last night... HOORAY!!!

  4. No way! I can't believe that is a dollar headband! For sure I would NOT look as cute as your daughter does in her's!! :)

  5. thanks for visiting my blog! i have enjoyed reading thru yours tonight too. love your blog name,header and your blk cabinets! :) Amanda

  6. Hi Lorri and thanks so much for stopping by!! Looks like you found me thru Kerri maybe?! From the looks of your beautiful photos, you must have a gallery wall of your own ... or if you don't then you should!!

    Your blog is great, love the setup over here - clearly I have much to learn!! Your photos of your beautiful kids are amazing ... did you take those black & whites on the sidebar, too?

    I'll be back for sure - love it over here ;-)

  7. Love the winter wardrobe! Stay warm & fuzzy! :)


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