Saturday, January 1, 2011

Things That Might Happen...

If Charlie misses his nap.

1.  He may be a little sluggish.

 2.  He may carry his blankies around for extra comfort.

3.  He might need a band aid for a non-existent boo-boo.

4.  He may refuse to wear any pants.

5.  He WILL find a hiding place when in trouble.

 "Is it bedtime yet?"



  1. Oh how I miss this age!
    I love the non-existent boo boos! My son use to develop one of those if he was in trouble. :)

  2. Too cute! And so typical of his age and being napless. I miss having a little one around. Happy New Year!

  3. what is it with boys and their desire to be pant free(or diaper-free in my Charlie's case) ??!! My Charlie's got a bankie too, called "Nite-Nite". When he was about 12 months he started saying Nite-Nite and we were so impressed to have a child so young requesting to take a nap or go to bed -- ha! didn't take long before we realized it was the name of his blanket!!

  4. just thinking about "The Middle", do you watch that show?? their teenage son is always shirt free and in his boxers - that will be my boys in about 10 years! :)

  5. Well, he's certainly cute enough to get away with it all! :) LOVE that he was sans-pants, too.

    So glad you stopped by tonight. Have a blessed new year!

  6. J loves his blankie still... And he's nine! He loves to sniff it and rub his face on it. And sometimes he hides too!


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