Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thinking About the Change

How did I get here?

How did I go from a cat that takes care of himself 99% of the a puppy?

And why didn't anyone tell me that having a dog puppy is like having a newborn baby?  Wait.  I think people did tell me.  Why didn't I believe them?

And why do puppies have such bad breath?  Simon doesn't. 

Why did I fall in love with him?  He has bad breath AND he isn't potty trained.

How has he earned the right to take over my chair?

Why does it break my heart to make him sleep in his crate?

Why does he snore louder than my husband?  This dog snores.  Loud.  Seriously?

And one more thing...He sticks his tongue out at me when he is in trouble. 



  1. Uh oh, sounds like you are in t-r-o-u-b-l-e!!! Such a cutie, your heart must melt every time you see him.

  2. Totally LOVING the new blog design!!!!

  3. HAAA! Love it! He is adorable!!! That picture of him in the grocery cart is HYSTERICAL! My mom teaches 1st grade and had a class pet when my brother and I were younger - I used to make that thing ride around in my Barbie Convertible! Thats what that pic reminds me of! Good luck with the potty training ...and the snoring :)

  4. oh HE IS precious!!! So stinking cute...! What type is he??

  5. What a cutie! LOVE the picture of your daughter pushing him around in a grocery cart...such a rough life!

  6. Oh - puppy time is so hard but it gets easier! Pretty soon you won't remember the accidents and you might want a second one. So cute and lovable!

  7. oh, girl! I've been there. Like Lynda said, it gets a lot easier. The crate is the best training tool too, and they feel so safe in there, so don't feel bad. They want to be good, they really do. We no longer have one because she went crazy after we had Andrew and bit him. Horrible ordeal it was. We still dog sit my parent's Golden often so I get my fill of poopy bags and dog hair. But I do LOVE them! Yours is PRECIOUS. Oh, and try Greenies for his breath.. (but check first if they are safe for puppies, I know they are for older dogs) Good luck!!!

  8. How cute is he?!?!?! What kind is he? I should know... But I'm not really an animal person. BUT I wouldn't mind a little one like yours!

  9. He is adorable! Love the photo of your girlie pushing him around in his fluffy bed.

    The puppy stage is SO much work but they are so darn cute it's hard to get upset with them. Bentley is now 6 months and STILL wets his crate at night ~ ugh! It's a darn good thing he greets me with lots of kisses and snuggles in the morning :)


  10. What an adorable puppy! My girls are wanting one but I, like you, do not look forward to the work involved. What kind of dog is he? We were thinking of a Shi-poo (not sure how to spell it).


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