Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tough as Nails

Max is tough.  Really tough.  He amazes me with his strength....for such a skinny little guy. 

He can hold his own.

He once flew head first over the handlebars of his bike.  He stood up, looked around, and held back his tears.  It hurt me just to see it. 

It's a good thing he is tough. My yard just happens to be the "field" for the daily football game in the neighborhood.

These boys are serious.  Yes, they often make up the rules as they go, but have a blast playing.

I will say, I can't watch very often.  How these boys are not broken and bleeding at the end of each game, I will never know (knock on wood).

And then there is Charlie.  He is the smartest one of the bunch.  For now.  He will choose his tractor over the possibility of getting knocked down.   

For now.

But when he decides to join them, they better watch out.


*Disclaimer: I have learned to pick my battles.  Once we are home from school, Max picks out his own play clothes.  I do not like, or encourage, the mixture of a Falcon jersey and an Atlanta Braves hat.*


  1. Oh my word, BOTH of them look so grown up. Charlie has lost all of his toddler look. I swear you make the cutest children. I just found the pic of me holding Max at your house when we came to meet him. I will scan it in to send to you...my how time goes so fast.

  2. I would be crazy mom watching them play, good thing I have girls!

  3. love this post, lorri, but this is so totally foreign to me! ... here at our house, we're less lizard and more lollipop ;-)

  4. I love that last picture....so cute!
    My son wouldn't make it 2 minutes playing football...he is not tough at all. He won't even try to learn to ride his bike b/c he might fall off and get hurt!

  5. Max is one tough kid! You are right about that. If I remember correctly, I was there the day he fell head over heels over his bike - got up...bleeding...and he NEVER cried. Love the pictures...love that tractor...and REALLY REALLY love the "disclaimer". Too funny!

  6. Great pics! How great that they play in your backyard, so you can kinda of watch. My andrew always chooses to be "the coach" or "the ref". He is not a tough boy at all. Funny how they are all so different!

  7. Oh how sweet. Bless his little heart. He'll be joining his big brother before long. Sweet pictures! How fun that your yard is the football field!

  8. Charlie is one smart little dude.


  9. I know what you mean - that you can't always watch. My "little boy" is 15 now - and a black belt in karate! When I have to take him to sparring class (which is usually his father's job) I take a book along, because I hate to watch. Every now and again I watch, and the instructor will say, "Pennie! Read your book!" because I must look like I'm going to cry. It's too much...which is why his dad usually takes him. :) I'd rather stay home and make dinner or something...boys will be boys...

  10. My boys sometimes scare me to death! We have never had to go to the hospital, thank goodness. I'm just waiting for an accident!

  11. My little ballerina would fit right in. She is one tough cookie!

    That last picture melts my heart. SOOO sweet!

  12. love that you gave your disclaimer about his outfit choice.....


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