Friday, February 11, 2011

When There's Ballet

The boys will play. 

Every Thursday, Annie has ballet.  More times than not, I have Max and Charlie with me...and Murphy.  Luckily, the studio has a small field for the boys to run around in while she is in class.  

However, the studio is not located near Target.  In my husband's opinion...this is great.  In my stinks!  :)

So, we try to make the best of that hour.  If the weather permits, the boys (including Murphy) run around and release some of that never ending energy. 

Sometimes we play games like Solitaire....really, Charlie?

Other times it's Cake Doodle.

And when we just cant take it anymore....

Class is over. 


  1. Just adorable really great pictures of your sweeties on Valentine's weekend!

  2. Special times with those two handsome boys of yours!


  3. Gosh that dog is too cute, not to mention the boys!

  4. Cute! I have a ballerina and three boys, so I understand completely!

  5. what a photogenic bunch - even the dog!! Loved these photos!!

  6. what kind of dog is murphy????

  7. Your boys are adorable. All three of them. I so understand the waiting games. It can be excruciating. We're there THREE hours some nights.

  8. Great photos! It looks like you guys make the most of your time together. Your kids are just precious!

  9. How cute! And how lucky to have some place close by where they can play. My boys would want there to be a skate park!

    Oh, and I am so sorry there is no Target near by! ;)


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