Monday, March 14, 2011

Boys. And Dirt. And Trains. And a Bug. And a Dog.

Good combination?  Or bad?  Depends on how you look at it. 

These boys are DIRTY!  But.....HAPPY! 

I kid you not, these two played in the dirt for hours! 

They played with trucks, cars, and trains.  We now have a complete road/track for their toys. 

"Who needs shovels, mom? We can just use our hands."

They worked so hard on the track...that they had to take a little rest.

And make a plan.

Everything was going well until Charlie found a friend.

"Fred."  Better known as "Dead Fred."  Ewwww.

Even Murphy needed a bath. 

Overall, these two had a fantastic time playing in the dirt.  While I loved watching them interact and create something together, I did not enjoy cleaning them (Murphy included) up. 


My Boys.



  1. these pictures are some of my favorites! Right there in their own little element. and what a blessing that the boys have each other!!!

  2. I guess it isn't quite warm enough to hose them down yet, eh??!! I always say dirty knees are the sign of a good day! Great pics!


  3. This makes me want to have another boy so bad!!! Love your sweet boys, even when they are dirty.

  4. The more dirt there is, the happier they are! Love the photos of your sweet boys.


  5. Oh, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I know everyone says this, but it goes soooo fast. Wonderful pictures!

  6. Snips and snails...and cute puppy dog tails! GREAT pics, Lorri!!

  7. I loved your pics...
    oh the JOYS of having boys!!

  8. You have such lovely photos...
    and your boys look amazing in them.
    It's the time of their life to play dirty,
    they can't do it anymore when they get old ♥

  9. THese pictures are great! Your boys are adorable. And happy. YEAH!

  10. Great photos! My boys love playing in the dirt. Our sandbox is one of the best investments we ever made. It seems like I have hundreds of photos of them in the sandbox. A good old fashion pile of dirt suits them just find, too :)

  11. Boys are awesome! And dirty...I would know. :) Great pictures - so bright and clear.

  12. I so get this post, love the dirty jeans!

  13. And when they get older, you can add sweat to the equation! Oh, Jackson had a pet too: Jimmy the Worm. I'm not kidding... ;)


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