Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Let Them Fool Ya!

Look at these big brown eyes and those precious lips.

So sweet and innocent.  He loves to giggle, hug, cuddle, and give butterfly kisses (which is pretty easy to do with those eyelashes!). 

But there is more to him then that.  There is another side of him that we have to watch out for.

Oh yes.  I know you can see it now.  He is a mess!  I can't take my eyes off of him for a second!  If I do, here is what happens.

"Charlie!  What is that?"

"Is that gum?"

"No!  Don't eat that!"

I would love to show you pictures of what happened next, but I had to drop the camera and run to take away the sticky gum that someone had spit out in my front yard.

So here is a hint of what he did with the gum as I was running over to take it away.

Poor Murphy!


  1. LOL! You just have to laugh at that point. What an adorable little guy! And the pup is pretty cute, too. :)

  2. Oh no! You poor thing!

    Love, love, love his big Hershey kiss eyes!

  3. I can can just see him and C in middle school together...dear God...the poor teachers. But, at least our lives will be interesting. We might want to start volunteering at the police department or the ER just in case we need some "friends" over there when the time comes. But, they do make them really you don't kill them.

  4. Poor dog! You are in for lots of fun ahead! LOl

  5. thanks for the visit today, lorri - and wow, have i ever missed a lot of posts over here! all the way from the GA aquarium to this one with the gum fiasco ... happy 3rd birthday to this sweet little troublemaker, btw! I love that it's spring where you are - so many colorful and beautiful sunny posts and pictures - so beautiful!! glad to see it b/c we've got a ways to go up here :-(

  6. Love it! My brown eyed boy is a mess, too! You can't help but love 'em :)

  7. hehehe, this makes me happy! mischievous little boys are the best..i just LOVE the look they get on their faces when they know they're doing something wrong!

  8. If it was my kid that spit the gum out...I might have to hurt him (kidding for those that don't know me)...but seriously I will give him a "good talkin' to". Let me know! Great post though - and I love that little brown eyed stinker of yours(even if he does like to play in/with someone else's gum).


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