Thursday, April 21, 2011

4 More Weeks

The countdown is on!  In just 4 long short weeks, I will be doing what I love the most.
I will be waking up to sweet smiles...from well-rested children.
I will have cups of coffee while watching The Today Show Thomas the Train and listening to the sound of chirping birds and sweet giggles.
My "schedule" will consist of swimming lessons, art camp, playing outside, reading, and at least one trip to the beach.
I will (hopefully) accomplish a few projects around the house...and I might even have a few distractions helpers.
No more getting up at 5 am (no one should be up that early). 
But staying up a little later will actually be an option.  :)
There might even be a few trips to Brusters...Max's favorite place for Cream!
Even though I will miss my sweet students, I am thrilled that summer break will bring more time with my babies and a much more relaxed schedule. 
Here's to the lazy days of summer!


  1. You are right...those are sweet times! You sure have a bunch of good looking children! Enjoy the summer!!

  2. Ahhhh sounds like heaven to me! I have another 7 and half weeks before I can enjoy such treats.


  3. so envious of your early summer vacation - we aren't out until mid-June :( like you, i can't wait for those lazy mornings and unscheduled days!!

  4. Oh, Lorri! I couldn't agree more. I can't wait for summer! This has been one of "those years" for me as a teacher. I've never had a year like this one before. It's made me appreciate summer and all of the little things that make it so great. Your list made me long for it even more. We have about 6 weeks until summer vacation. Let the countdown begin!

  5. Hooray for summer! We, too, are looking forward to a more relaxed schedule!

  6. So fun! After being on maternity leave, I don't know how teachers do it -- going back from that bliss every fall :)

  7. holy cow!! Already?!? We're only on Spring Break this week. It's pathetically late this year b/c they tie it to Easter, but still. We have a long way to go yet. Or so it seems now.

  8. It will be here in no time. 5:00 AM??!!! Bless you! Your summer plans sound quite similar to ours with a little swim team, Lego Camp, and a lemonade stand or 2 thrown in the mix! :) Even though I don't work (excuse me. paid work, that is) I still long for a break from packing lunches, rushing out the door, homework and all things school related! Let the countdown begin!!

    xo, Tessa

  9. Sounds like bliss, I am counting down the days to summer myself!

  10. It will be here in no time! I remember my teaching days and getting VERY excited this time of year as Summer was fast approaching. Happy Easter!


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